Sharing ideas and insight to drive growth and development. The CIC SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) development team assists French corporate clients to address business challenges in globalisation, develop clear market growth strategies, and undertake smart partnership. We offer a diversified range of customised products and services with the following objectives:

  • To provide clients with relevant research and comprehensive information on markets in Asia
  • To develop a clearly-defined market strategy based on in-depth knowledge and analysis of each market and industry
  • To support clients in the implementation and execution of the market strategies with the right resources and project management expertise


The collective strength of our network and expertise. It matters, no matter where we are.

The expertise of CIC is based on its team of international specialists in France and its extensive network of 36 representative offices and branches covering more than 50 countries worldwide. The team in Singapore covers all major markets in Asia Pacific.

CIC offers SMEs an innovative range of services including market studies, organising sales visits, partnerships, business establishment, B2B match making, which are delivered with the support of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Aidexport, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale group which specialises in international consulting.

1. Getting the right information for your project

In the early stage of developing a new business plan, a company needs to have comprehensive and reliable information on a target country. CIC offers research and market insights through:

  • Country focus

    Individual meetings on a yearly basis are organised by CIC between corporate customers and the CIC representative of the targeted country.

  • Sector survey

    CIC representation will provide brief and basic information on a sector in a specific country such as import/export characteristics, duties, and other pertinent industry-related information.

  • Short listing

    The CIC team in the target country will provide a short-list of main local players according to our client’s specific requests and business needs.

2. Looking for potential and suitable business partners abroad and meeting them

CIC will help corporate clients to identify appropriate key players in a specific market which match their requirements:

  • Contacts research

    CIC will submit its client’s list of products or services to various contacts (suppliers, subcontractors, wholesalers, importers, or distributors according to the specific request of the company) and will advise its client of the interest expressed by these potential business partners.

  • Commercial mission

    Once the list of interested companies is established, CIC will organise for its client a tailored program of business meetings with them.

3. Establishing a clear market entry strategy

The CIC team, with the support of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Aidexport will advise corporate clients on market entry strategies with tailor-made market research and studies:

  • Multi-country selection

    Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Aidexport will assist CIC clients to select the appropriate country for their international development plans through an in-depth analysis of countries and markets.

  • Market evaluation

    We provide a comprehensive and customised market survey on various aspects of CIC client’s target markets. The analysis covers distribution channels, competitors, regulatory landscape and product positioning with a recommendation on the alternative route-to-market options and commercial strategy.

  • Partner selection

    Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Aidexport in collaboration with the CIC local team, will identify, target and validate several potential partners (either industrial or commercial) with whom the clients can begin negotiations.

  • Setting up subsidiaries

    Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Aidexport will assist clients in the initial phase of establishing an entity locally and offer all the administrative assistance and post-implementation support.


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