The Crédit Mutuel Group tops the list of “Best Employers 2020” by Capital magazine.

Capital magazine’s annual ranking of the top 500 employers in France placed Crédit Mutuel and CIC as the top two places among network banks in the category of banks and financial services: ranking 2nd and 4th respectively out of 21 financial institutions evaluated.

This annual “Best Employers” survey is conducted via a study institute with a panel of 20,000 participants.

Learning and Development

CIC Asia Pacific strongly believes in creating a constant learning environment to support all employees’ learning journeys to better their career developments and advancements. This aligns CIC Asia Pacific to the Group’s 2019 – 2023 strategic plan – Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale’s ensemble#nouveaumonde; where we are committed to training 100% of our employees to prepare them for the future.

In the current Digital Transformation of the Financial Industry, all employees are encouraged to constantly learn new skills and gain new knowledge. CIC Asia Pacific is committed to activate and develop digital mindset within all employees to help employees to adapt to the rapid changes. This is vital in ensuring that all employees are well equipped to navigate and succeed in the more technologically driven environment.

CIC Asia Pacific provides all employees with appropriate learning opportunities, as this is a major factor in the employability and employee development. This also promotes job skills mastery and a lifelong learning mindset.

To support this, CIC Asia Pacific has adopted the “SkillsFuture” framework; an initiative jointly developed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Workforce Singapore (WSG), together with employers, industry associations and education and training providers.

All positions in the bank have relevant competencies, critical core skills and work functions identified; this helps employees to identify relevant job related learning opportunities and training courses to further improve and build on their skills and expertise.

Future Talent

Talent attraction and management is at the heart of CIC Asia Pacific’s Human Resources policies in Asia Pacific, where young talents are closely nurtured and have the opportunity to work across various departments and specializations in the bank; constantly developing new skills, knowledge and competencies under guidance of senior professionals.

In 2020, CIC Asia Pacific participated in the Singapore government’s “SGUnited Traineeships Programme”. This Government led initiative was a good opportunity both the Bank and for the local young talent. It allowed the Bank to strengthen the workforce for the future while providing new opportunities for fresh graduates in the local Banking and Finance Industry.

Gender Equality

The Crédit Mutuel Group pays close attention to equal representation of both men and women. As part of the 2019-2023 strategic plan, the Group has ambition to achieve gender equality between men and women in managerial and governance positions by 2023. The Senior Management Team in CIC Asia Pacific is proud to be equally represented by both men and women.


Our mutualist group structure means profits are re-invested into our business. The far-reaching perspective instils loyalty in our people and the confidence to always act in our clients’ best interest. Joining CIC means choosing to participate in the construction of a new and changing world. If you believe that the banking profession of tomorrow will be different from that of today, we would like to hear from you.